Your Life is More Important than Hello

Andrea E

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“Your life is more important than hello,” my mother always said as I would leave to get into my car. I rolled my eyes and simply stated ” ok.” I never would understand what she meant, and why she would say it every single day. That was until that one day. It was a cold Friday morning, snow still on the ground from a few days past. I woke up to leave for school, and my mother left my lunch on the counter, with a note stating, “Your life is more important than hello. Have a great day, sorry I didn’t catch you, I had to leave for the airport for my business trip.” She was always such a worrier, I constantly thought to myself. The day went on, as always, went to school, chattered with my friends about what fun plans we had for the weekend, what boys were going to be at the party, and what outfit we should wear. Later that day, I talked to my mom as she was across the country at a convention. She asked my plans for the evening and weekend, and as always I told her exactly where I planned to be, and “DONT WORRY MOM, I KNOW, MY LIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN HELLO,” I said sarcastically. She giggled, and stated to please be safe and keep in touch throughout the evening. At last! It was finally time to go be with my friends, and have the time of our lives before we all head our separate ways to different colleges throughout the country. Myself along with four of my friends piled into the car onto our next destination. Hours drew past, we were having the greatest times, laughing, smiling, and just enjoying each other. Around 2am, we knew it was time to go home, I didn’t hear from my mother at that point and didn’t want to wake her with a text. I get into the car and tell my friend ” HA-HA-HA, remember Your Life is More important than hello.” We drive throughout the town, dropping off each one of our friends. The final destination is my home. I pull into my driveway to two cop cars sitting in the drive way. “Oh my god,” all i could think, ” We’re screwed, we’ve been drinking, we’re underage.” As I exit the car, two police officers approach me. “Andrea?” An officer questioned. ” Yes, thats me. Is everything ok?” “Its your mother,” a police officer stated, ” she has been in an accident.” I begin to hysterically lose it “IS SHE OK?” The police slowly come over to me and rub my back “I am so sorry but she has passed.” I begin to whirlwind wondering what and how this could’ve happened. They stated she was texting while driving, the message shown on her phone was, ” hello…” and it was being sent to me. Your life, is more important than Hello.