For more information on road side collisions, maintain your eyes off the road

Jaime R



This is a minimal poster that cuts right to the case. Don’t drive while distracted. It does this by subverting the usual posters: 4000 teens die every year to driving while distracted, so you shouldn’t. Instead, it goes along with the persons thinking by not looking like a safe Driving poster, “Oh what does it say? More information on what? It’s about driver safety, haha I can drive without even looking. Oh if I do it I’ll be the one that will be in the crash.” Not only that but the poster puts the reader as the subject of who will be in the crash. Instead of alienating the reader by calling them just another number or by making generalizations. I tell people to stay focused and keep their eyes on the road because on it is short and concise but it also encapsulates all the things people shouldn’t do by telling them what they should do.