Your Friend

Lauren K

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Imagine if you started high school and you met your best friend. That person closest to you that you laughed so hard you snorted with. Imagine if, every day when you passed them in the hallways, your mouth contorted itself into a smile that you just couldn’t stop. After a second your cheeks hurt so bad that the grin you donned felt like a workout. Your snaps to them and Dms were filled with memes and inside jokes. Every picture you took would send a message to them. “I am happy when I am around you and you make life worth living.” Well imagine one day, your bestie is driving to school and they see a notification. When they pull their phone up to their face to see who it is, they see your name in the yellow bubble from Snapchat. When they open your snap they decide to reply with a picture. As they scroll through what seems like endless filters, they decide on the dog ear one. Snap. Now, imagine this. Imagine you walk down your hallway and your friend is not there. Imagine the laughs and jokes that you shared are all gone. Every smile you had, every meme you made, and every laugh you had is suddenly harder to remember. Because it seems like it was so long ago. Now the days that are full of warmth are full of the dark and scary feeling of what if. What if they hadn’t picked up their phone?