Drivers Like Me

Chinyere U



Backstory: I was listening to Women Like Me and it inspired me to make a parody out of it, replacing the lyrics with lyrics about drivers. I really like making these kinds of things, and it was a challenge for me. But I’m glad that I have the opportunity to participate. LYRICS Mom always asks “Where you going?” I get annoyed and look at her with a sigh “Mom just stop worrying for a moment. You know that I always know to safely drive.” I’ve adjusted all my mirrors So that I could see the road clearer And yes, all my breaks correctly work My seat-belt is strapped and locked and My license is in my bag and No, no alcohol or drugs Some teens have made mistakes and the cost was pricey Not just some broken cars, but also casualties! My momma always said, “Girl stop texting!” And now I wonder Could I be a victim of crashing? Yeah, every time we drive we have to be thinking Focus and notice all of our surroundings My momma always said “Please don’t die on me.” And now I wonder Could I be a victim of crashing? *Please take note that I was NOT driving at ANY POINT IN TIME while creating this video. The car was not moving. *This video was created, recorded, and edited by myself. Disclaimer: *I DO NOT TAKE OWNERSHIP OF THE MUSIC USED IN THE VIDEO *NOR DO I TAKE OWNERSHIP OF ANY GIFS/CLIPS USED IN THE VIDEO *THESE CLIPS/GIFS ARE BEING USED FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES *I ONLY TAKE OWNERSHIP OF MY PERSONAL CLIPS, MY VOICE, AND MY LYRICS