I knew better; Now I’m here

Allise H

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I knew better. Off to a party I went, The temptation to say “Be right there!” I knew better. Sitting in class, Boredly listening to “Don’t text and Drive You could die!” I knew better. Than to leave my phone Shining and yelling Craving my attention. Now I’m here, My mother sobbing My father yelling Head-on collision. Now I’m here, My family in black, My face lost all color, It seemed so important. Now I’m here. I was at fault, I know I was, Only because I gave in. Now I’m here, Watching my family Pay the price For my mistake. I knew better. I didn’t think it could happen to me, Now I’m here Watching them grieve. I only wish To apologize, To be able to say “I was the idiot” What was it That seemed so Important, for me To give my life away?