Was It Worth It?

Savannah H

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Was the text worth it? Were the lives that were taken worth it? How about being paralyzed for the rest of one’s life? All because you wanted to see what your friends dress looked like. Couldn’t that have waited till you got to your destination? Now you have guilt on your mind because you took someone’s loved one away. Now you have a totaled car and thousands of dollars in hospital bills. You have to go to court and tell the judge you were texting and driving and killed someone. This can all be avoided if you have the willpower to leave the cellphone alone. To realize how much is at stake when you take your eyes off the road for even a second. Nothing is worth that risk. Lives are destroyed everyday because of distracted driving and no one seems to care. Why? What does it take to stop this? A life? People need to change their attitudes to distracted driving. No one enjoys funerals, no one likes the phone call that their loved one has passed, and only us, the people, can change that. So we need to start changing now because it is already out of hand and definitely NOT worth it.