Endless pain

mekhiyah b

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friend: “hey girl are you coming to the party tonight?” …… driver: “yea i might are you? …… friend: “of course you should what are you wearing” …… driver: “lol id……………………………………………………………… In a split second your gasping for air and feeling like your throat is closing, in shock that you really just got into an accident, relief that your still alive, blood running down arm, tears running down your face, and complete unbelief about what just happened. In a split second you were perfectly fine, happy, pain free. Then the next experiencing so many emotions at once it becomes so unbearable that you faint. Getting rushed to the hospital unresponsive and all bruised up. That one text changed your life in the matter of seconds, but that call that you parents get saying their baby their child is in the hospital unresponsive from a bad accident now that will change someones life forever. Knowing that the situation could’ve went a number of ways is what really is scary. Instead of getting you recovery from a horrible accident your parents are sadly having to plan your funeral. In a split second you risk your life in order to text or got distracted instead of keeping your eyes on the road until you reach your destination or a stop light. Too many people are dying young because of reckless driving and it is honestly one of the saddest things. We are not always blessed with a second chance and that one text that was so “important” to send while driving is not worth risking. To prevent these split second heart dropping moments put the phone away and give the road and others on it your undivided attention. That text or call or whatever it is that distracts you can wait. Before getting on the road either put your phone on do not disturb or tell your friends that you’ll be driving and you will text them back when its convenient for you. Don’t put yourself or the ones closest to you through so much pain by risking everything trying to send a text. Life is very unpredictable and you never know when your time is coming, but don’t risk it even more by putting yourself or others in harms way for a text.