Road Safety

Erica P

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The safety of our roads is an underrated and important issue that needs to be addressed. All too well we are introduced to accidents, tickets, and even deaths from vehicular cause. As the number of accidents increases, we find that distractions and impaired driving are the number one causes of reckless driving. In modern days, the number one distraction on the road is the cell phone. Whether someone is tweeting, snapchatting, texting, or just checking an email, phones are constantly taking driver’s eyes off the road. Apps now come with features that are made specifically when you drive that intentionally distract the driver. These apps are Snapchat and Maps. Snapchat has a feature that tells you your speed when you turn on your location and tells your friends you are driving. Maps is made specifically for when someone is driving so they know where to go; it is a location finder. Although Maps has a voice feature, the temptations to follow the lines and arrows on the screen can be too much, causing eyes to wander from the road. Laws are already in place as far as what is allowed on the roads. People can’t be on their phone, speed, make illegal moves, drive without lights, have headphones in, or have a pet on their lap in the driver seat. These laws are all great but they are not working. People still do all of these dangerous acts because they think they are not going to crash. Some people fail to remember that a crash doesn’t just affect you, it affects your friends, family, the other victim, their friends, and their family. Therefore, the laws need to be expanded. The tickets should be a higher price and the punishments should be greater. More jail time and community service should be added so people fear the idea of breaking the law. How I can contribute to road safety is by encouraging my peers not to break the law and giving my friends rides home from parties. I can help stop the problem of drinking and driving by driving them wherever they need to go to ensure they don’t hurt themselves or anyone else. I also don’t text my friends or family whenever they are driving because I don’t want to distract them. Whenever I am in the car riding with someone, I will normally text for them or send anything they need to be sent. It is the little ways of helping that help a lot because I am saving my friends and family along with their friends and family and the other people on the road. Road safety is no joke. Driving is not a right, it is a privilege and can be taken away easier than it can be given. Not everyone needs to drive and not everyone should be allowed to drive. It takes maturity and responsibility to drive. Road safety should be enforced and encouraged globally and more seriously.