Vehicles with Integrated Cellular Devices

Adrian S

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Our phones are a big distraction when it comes to our daily life, nonetheless a very dangerous distractions when driving a motor vehicle. Devices such as phone holders and smart watches have been created for phones to face the same direction that our car is going in. Though they have been of great benefit, I believe there is still more to do to be able to deeply diminish distracted driving accidents. Having an integrated cellular device into our car where notifications or “the screen” is projected is on our dashboard or even the windshield itself. Having the projection of the device on the windshield is convenient because it is the exact same direction our eyes are looking at when driving a vehicle. Creating the technology of a thin sheet of glass projecting advanced technologiucal screenplay will be difficult but achieving this idea would diminish accidents since our eyes will not be looking anywhere else except forward. There is no complete way to completely get rid of car accidents from distracted driving but creating technology to diminish the statistic numbers is a blessing to us all.