Put the phone down an end of reckless teen driving

Cristina C

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Getting you permit, learning how to drive and finally getting your license is a big step in your life. I myself am in the process of getting my license myself. Teen drivers are known for reckless driving. I myself am not a wreck less driver, although I do fear for me possibly being in danger due to other wreck less drivers. Texting and driving is something that teen drivers tend to do a lot. Also using there phones while driving whether they are on social media or on the phone talking to someone. Teens using their phone can cause a lot of accidents, it has in the past and it is still happening right now. What can stop teens using there phones while driving is a setting or an app on the phones that shut off the phone completely until it senses that the car has stopped and you are out of the car. Or a compartment in a car when it locks your phone and you can’t use it until the car is stopped and off. Well what if you need to use the gps? A setting on all gps apps that stays on the map until the car is stopped so you can leave the app and go on other apps. Or the easy thing is just to wait to use your phone. On I phones I know there is a setting that when they sense you driving they put your phone on do not disturb