The Ringing

Brittany W

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Ringing, I can hear it Over the dull thrum of the engine I can hear it I need to get it Check it I am well-versed in multitasking Don’t even need to look away from the road Except when I finish Make sure everything is right And send it This time is different though I hear the ringing But this noise is foreign It’s from the impact of a car crashing into mine Making me dizzy Head spinning Sirens screeching And the ringing I’ve never wanted it to stop more Wish I could rewind Go back in time And unsend Now a little girl is dead because of me Her mom, too Now there’s just a dad in a family-less living room Getting up to open the door And hear the news All caused by my need to end the ringing If only I cared less about the message And more about the road Because that little girl She never even had the chance to get a phone