The Ringing

Brittany W


Ringing, I can hear it Over the dull thrum of the engine I can hear it I need to get it Check it I am well-versed in multitasking Don’t even need to look away from the road Except when I finish Make sure everything is right And send it This time is different though I hear the ringing But this noise is foreign It’s from the impact of a car crashing into mine Making me dizzy Head spinning Sirens screeching And the ringing I’ve never wanted it to stop more Wish I could rewind Go back in time And unsend Now a little girl is dead because of me Her mom, too Now there’s just a dad in a family-less living room Getting up to open the door And hear the news All caused by my need to end the ringing If only I cared less about the message And more about the road Because that little girl She never even had the chance to get a phone


A poem that alludes to ringing as a connection between phones and car crashes. The symbolism of lost innocence is presented in both the driver and the little girl, as one grew up in the generation of phones and deems them important enough to drive recklessly and the other who never made it to the age where she could have one. (Don’t be a statistic, kids.)