The Broken Soul and Pride.

Jack Q

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“Crack”, I just split my phone’s screen in half. Even now, the dreadful text had not yet settled in me. “There must be a mistake”, I repeated to myself. My father was everything to me. He always made time for me even as a doctor.. My dad was funny, a hero that I looked up to, and he always knew how to cheer me up. I pick up my phone, now with a shattered line through the middle and read the text message again. “Michael, your father is gone… while the details aren’t fully known yet, I believe the man in the truck behind your dad was not in the right mind and crashed into his poor car from behind and I think you know the rest”. “I know you may be sad, but I promise to explain everything when I come home… just stay calm Michael, and stay strong”. I glanced at the time and back at my phone. It was 12:05, and the text was sent and received 5 minutes ago, at noon exactly. “Meditation, Breathing exercises… all just a joke and a waste of time”, I muttered while breathing heavily. Throwing aside my shattered phone on the unmade bed, I stormed outside. I quickly revved up the engine to the old, prized car my Dad passed down to me… it was his soul and pride. “Perhaps, I just need to get away from all this for a while” I thought. I backed out the parking space, and slammed down the gas pedal. With a “screech”, the car accelerated forward entering the freeway. “My dad can’t be gone, all these people looking happy around me… they don’t know what I went through, they are all mocking me” I snarled as my teeth gritted harder. “It doesn’t even matter to them my father is dead, no one cares for me… I wish others could feel the same sorrow I am feeling” as my thoughts became even more clouded, so clouded I barely remember what else happened before I was woken up in a hospital. “Where am I” was the first thing I weakly muttered before my eyes adjusted to a doctor and many officers surrounding me. One of the veteran officers approached and explained the situation. It seems that I wasn’t paying attention to the road, and a car changing lanes swerved to avoid crashing into me, failed, and crashed into my car’s side and took both of our vehicles to a wall. “Your vehicles are gone” the officer continues. I quickly asked how the other driver was and was told he was in critical condition. Tears swelled in my eyes as I realized that I almost killed a man in my blind rage. I asked to see him but was quickly turned down. Images flashed through my mind of what the other’s driver’s family must be feeling, how I was to be the blame of all this. “I can’t take it officers… please just take me away and end it now” I begged and pleaded to the officers. The officers listened to my story, and shook their heads. “Son, we know how you are feeling, I lost my parents too, and my partner was a orphan at birth, but you can’t be putting other people’s lives at stake”. “If you die, how would your mother feel, people care about you man, you can’t throw your life away” he continued. As the officer’s voices grew faint, the last thing I remembered was giving a weak apology, and vowing to make this right before it all went dark.