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Elise F

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I propose that, to end distracted driving, there should be an alteration made to the number one cause of distracted driving: cell phones. Currently, many cell phones have features that disable notifications when in a moving vehicle. However, this feature can be easily disabled by simply unlocking the phone. In fact, it maybe makes the issue larger by adding more time to the activities that people would be using their phones for without the restrictions. Instead, I believe that cell phones should be completely disabled when in a moving vehicle. People may argue that this will be a hindrance to passengers, that they will not be able to work on things or entertain themselves as they ride along, not driving the vehicle. To this I argue that there are other means of entertainment and productiveness available to people that do not involve cell phone use; for instance, they can bring along a laptop to do their work on and can entertain themselves by listening to the radio, reading a book, having a conversation. For years before the invention of cell phones, people found ways to entertain themselves on long car rides and the same should be possible today. People may also argue that an urgent matter could arise that requires the driver to be notified immediately, and they would need to have their cell phone accessible to be able to do this. However, there were decades in which people were unable to be reached when driving and if people could manage to go without communication while behind the wheel then, they will be able to find a way to cope now. With this change, people would be unable to use their cell phones at all, greatly reducing the availability of distracting items and therefore eliminating a very large percentage of cases of distracted driving.