Eyes on the Road

Daniel M

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Bright lights stared down at me as I came to my senses.I could hear the breathing of a few other people around me as I started noticing more about my surroundings. I could hear my mom talking to someone, “Will he be alright?” she asked. A muffled voice responded in too low a tone for me to make out. I could feel a sharp pain all down my left leg, and I looked down, “Oh my god what happened to my leg?!” — Oh my goodness why is my alarm going off so soon. It can’t possibly be time for school yet. I got up, showered, and dressed. This day should be awful. I have to recite a poem, I have a history test, and Lord knows when I’ll have time to finish my Calculus homework. I should have listened when Mr. Owens told me it’d be easier to do it all the night it was assigned. I picked up the muffins and banana that I normally eat for breakfast, and deciding it’ll be quicker to eat them while I’m driving, I reach over to grab them. I pull out of my street, and realizing I only have ten minutes to get to class, I pull out quickly. As I’m crossing the road, I see, out of the corner of my eye, a car going too quickly in a school zone, and I slam on the brakes to avoid him. Jeez, I can’t believe some people. As I pull up to the first stoplight on my route, I grab my bag of muffins. I gobble one up, holding it with one hand as I steer with the other. I reach down for the other one, and take my eye off the road for a second, and I catch myself drifting into the other lane. Probably shouldn’t be eating while driving. I pull out my phone to check the traffic and see how late I’ll be to school. At the latest second possible, I look up to see a quickly stopping truck in front of me, and I slam on the brakes, avoiding disaster. I put my phone back into my pocket, vowing to never touch it again while driving. As I zip in between cars, trying my darnedest to get to school on time, I start fiddling with the radio. I’m still looking at the road so I should be alright. As I settle on a station I like, I look over my shoulder to get over a lane. I black out as I crunch into the back of an SUV. — “We’ll have to amputate his leg.” “Is that it?” “Well he escaped with his life, but he’ll have a guilty conscience forever.”