Impact of Distractions

Austin D

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4000 Peers of mine Die to this Each Year 75% because, of the influence of alcohol and beer. 50% are because forgetting to buckle, not told to “Buckle Up” by those so dear. 11 Teens die as a result of collisions, despite the prayers and tears. 1 in 4 are a result of phone, perhaps of the notifications that appear. Bad behavior and practices are aged from kin, the lack or ability to rightly steer. Carnage amongst our own, 50% of these accidents are from our own smiteless spear. Those in youth, below the ale age have double chance of fatality, please adhere. Threefold then, if there are threefold more. Do these facts make it clear? Save the call for then, Don’t drink and drive, you will end. These things will end you. What can we do? Turn it off, Have somebody else answer Have a Sober friend drive Take a Cab. All better than dying. We all have the reason to not die in a crash, so let us all preserve our lives. For a missed call, is less than a missed calling in life from death.