Be a Life Saver

Lexie F

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Did you know that about 4000 teens lose their lives in crashes every year? A lot of these fatalities are due to the use of cell phones and distracted driving. Also, contrary to what many people believe, 75% of fatal teen car crashes do not involve drugs or alcohol. Most teens that are involved in these fatal collisions are just every day normal teens that got distracted by their phone, the radio, or other people in the car. For example, the risk of a crash doubles when one passenger under 21 is in the car, and it quadruples when 3 or more passengers under the 21 are in the car. This is somewhat personal to me. There was really bad collision about 2 miles from my high school this year and there were 4 students in the car. One senior passed away due to this collision, and one was severely injured and in the hospital for weeks. The driver was arrested for being under the influence, and the other passenger had minor injuries. This just goes to prove that anybody can be involved in something as tragic as a fatal car crash. So put the phone down, pick a radio station before you leave for your destination and stay focused on the road. You never know whose life you could save!