The Future of Cars

Mary F

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After what seems like forever, the final bell rings signalling the end of the long school day. Along with the rest of the seniors in my school, I head out to the parking lot to get into my car and begin my journey home. My car turns on and begins to warm up to combat the frigid winter air outside. I move to put the car into drive when my car beeps at me. I bring my hand to my forehead, I can’t believe I forgot. On the dashboard, I plug in the simple 4 digit code I established when I got the car. A small compartment opens up and I drop my phone into the container. I push the compartment back into the dashboard and wait until the car registers that my phone’s tracking chip is in the compartment. Thank you, comes the automated voice and now I am able to move the gear shift into drive and take off towards my house. In an effort to combat distracted driving, car manufacturers across the globe have established phone compartments in their cars that can only be put into drive when the car registers a phone’s tracking device. These mechanisms have significantly lowered the amount of texting and driving as well as distracted driving in general. I don’t know what we would have done without the invention, I’m sure it has saved countless lives.