The Girl Who Had it All

Jennifer M

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Everyone wanted to be her. She was beautiful, rich, smart, talented, and had the most desired boy at her high school as her boyfriend. In other words, she had it all. One morning, she was on her way to her boyfriend’s house. Her windows down, music blaring from her speakers, the cool morning breeze brushing through her hair. Then, she felt the buzz of her phone, and saw a text coming from her boyfriend, “Can’t wait to see you today, beautiful”. She smiled to herself, and as she was about to reply back, she crashed headfirst into another car. In just one instant, her life was over. All it took was one distracted moment to fatally crash into another car. There would be no more birthdays, no more walks on the beach, no more kisses from her boyfriend, and no more sunny mornings. All that was left was the tears from her loved ones and her body in a casket. The girl who had it all lost it all in an instant. That text isn’t more important than your life. Put your phone away, and respond back once you’re done driving.