Scholarship Essay

Brandon K

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Distractions distractions distractions, when most people think of this word they think of one piece of technology; the cell phone. This ultimately causes reckless driving because teens aren’t paying attention to their driving which should be most important to them but it is not. My idea for safer roads for all is for phones to disable like they do when you put the wrong password in too many times when speeds exceed 15 mph. The newer phones have already started this, but you can just turn it off and it is useless. No one follows it how it is supposed to be used. My idea would be an app that is downloaded as a permanent app when the phones come out such as your “settings” app that can not be deleted. This would cause the phones to ultimately be useless in a car until you are slowed down or at a complete stop. The best thing is that everyone has to comply with it because it is permanent. Teens and adults may not be pleased with this idea but what is more important; phones or the lives of innocent people around that you are endangering? I think most would choose the second option.