Because of You

Ashlei G

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As the fire oozed out of every crevice, their eyes burn . Each piece of the bus falls off, inches from crushing them under the soldering metal. The smoke tries to rise but it had filled its allotted room. Screams echo through the walls as children struggle to escape their fiery doom. Bodies begin piling on the floor and their seems to be no hope. Just then, the sirens begin to blare all around, seemingly coming from every direction. They near the scene, but it seems to be too late. How could they possibly spread any light on this blistering night? More and more bodies become still as the life is sucked from their bodies by the mouths of the inferno. Will this ever end? An innocent church trip turned disaster. First responders cut the sides off the bus and children are pulled from the floors, burnt to a crisp. Anyone still alive is undoubtedly wishing that they weren’t. No faces were recognizable, no body unharmed. All because of you. You couldn’t put down the phone, the burger, the beer, the cigarette. You couldn’t wait for a new song, leave the chip you just dropped, stay awake. Now, because of you, all these lives are ended. Families are called to identify their loved ones, bodies are buried, tears flow endlessly. A once in a lifetime church retreat became an unforgettable tragedy, BECAUSE OF YOU.