Reckless Driving – A Heuristic Approach

Ethan V

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When asked, how they feel about reckless driving, I am sure that most people would voice an opinion on how irresponsible and simply awful it is. But then, why is there such a tremendously high rate of crashes due to distracted and reckless driving? It seems as though there is some sort of gap in understanding regarding the reality of the situation. The only way to truly remedy this issue is to construct a simulation in which people are able to experience the dangers of distracted driving firsthand. This simulation, which would be implemented within high schools as a part of the driver’s ed curriculum, would present the student with a user interface that is similar to that of a vehicle’s front windshield. The user interface would display distracting messages in front of the student, and at times even prompt them to look away from the screen. At the same time, they will be tasked with steering the vehicle within this simulation to avoid a “crash”. It is my belief that by simply explaining to someone the dangers of distracted driving, they will fail to fully grasp the gravity of the situation. By utilizing a heuristic approach, wherein the student would be able to learn for themselves, these messages will more effectively reach the hearts of those who were unable to previously understand the dangers which could be present to them.