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Reckless driving is a danger to more than just yourself and your passengers. If you get into an collision, it can be fatal to someone else, and you have to cope with that guilt for the rest of your life. 5 D’s can save your life and others. Don’t talk or text on your phone. This simple guideline, and law in several states, is often ignored as people just glance at their screens. Even one second with your eyes off the road can be deadly. A car could have been in your blind spot as you or they were changing lanes, or another car could be slowing down suddenly in front of you. Don’t tailgate. A sudden stop or slowing could spell disaster for both you and the other vehicle. A life isn’t worth a few miles per gallon gained. Don’t eat while driving. A meal, or even a dropped fry, can distract you for a split second, long enough for a million things to go wrong. Wait until you reach your destination or eat beforehand. Double check before changing lanes. A car could suddenly appear from your blind spot just as you are turning into the lane. Don’t break the law. They were put into place to protect you and others. Even if they seem ridiculous or unnecessary, they are there to protect you. Many people think that a collision won’t happen to them. This is not true. An accident is just that: an accident. It can happen to anyone. Please, be safe and aware on the road.