we need change.

Jaylen S

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october twenty-ninth, two thousand and ten. there’s not a single day that i encounter without this date haunting me. this date –this one day in history– is the very date that marks the heartbreaking loss of my best friend. jacqueline was eleven years old when she died in a car accident; i was ten years old when i found out. almost nine years later and the pain of that day still clings to me in every thing i do, in everywhere i go. while i’ve learned to find the hidden good in each situation, or the value every un-promised day holds, or the finite reality attached to this life; no lesson, or memorial, or positive perspective can ever replace the empty pit in my heart i carry from losing her. i’ve spent about nine years now working to keep her memory alive; working to project my story, her story, onto others: in hopes to prevent others having to experience the same tragedy. i think one of the most influential and powerful ways we as a society can create impact about driving safety is to target our youth. by targeting our youth, we raise up the next generation to realize and consider the heartbreaking consequences of careless driving. i think a major factor of creating this essential change is people, such as myself, speaking up and talking about the hard things; talking about the perpetual pain and sorrow and grief so many people have to face as a result of the negligent actions of others. another step in bringing about this change is through influencers of today’s society. we need people with raised social platforms speaking out about the dangers of distracted driving. this society, this generation, all fixates on the words and actions and outlooks of those in roles of actors, celebrities, athletes, youtube creators; the list goes on and on. in order to accomplish big change we need big voices. the more awareness we can drive into this country, this world, the closer we get to decreasing not merely distracted driving, but all of the heartbreaking aftermath. the louder we raise our voices? the louder our voices are heard.