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Victoria M

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Distracted and Reckless driving needs to be stopped. There are many solutions to follow but many people choose to ignore them. One way this kind of driving can be stopped is by turning off your phone but of course many people say they can handle driving with their phone being turned off but can they actually do it? This problem is also very common in teenagers. That is what makes it more dangerous. For example many drivers get distracted when something is going on off the road and people look over to see what it is and it is dangerous. This is what can cause an accident. Reckless driving is an example of speeding up, driving under the influence etc. There are other types of reckless driving and it needs to be stopped to save others lives. Many people don’t think of others lives when driving.This is why a great solution would be as soon as you walk out to your before work, school, etc. turn your phone off, and place it in the glove compartment so it doesn’t even come to mind while driving. Or you can also put it in your purse, backpack, satchel, whatever you bring with you but make sure it is turned off.