The Crash That Changed Everything

Shyann W

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Eyes barely open, you hear the sounds of falling glass and loud sirens blaring. Everything looked a bit different as if the world had turned upside down. You were too tired to realize your car had completely flipped over. You think to yourself “What’s going on?” “Has Joey texted me back?” You two were in the middle of a heated argument, over text. Suddenly you feel a sharp pain. “What was that?” You see a someone running towards you, but everything was too blurry. The person says “Hey! Don’t you dare fall asleep! STAY AWAKE! PLEASE!” That voice…. it was so familiar. It was Joey. A guy from the ambulance pulls him away, but your boyfriend kept screaming your name. “SARAH! SARAH!” You fall asleep and have a dream. There are so many bright lights that you can see. “Am I dying? Is this the end for me?” Tears stream down your face as you think of all the things you’re going to miss out on. You just got accepted into Julliard, for your piano playing, and had a full scholarship. Joey had just asked you to marry him, you two were going to have a future together. It didn’t matter what other people thought about the two of you. “You guys are only seniors in high school, you won’t last.” “Don’t you want to date other people, experiment a little?” The truth was, you two had been dating since freshman year. He supported you in everything you did, especially your dream to play piano all over the world and make people happy with your music. Music had been your whole life and it was all that you knew, the only way you could express yourself. You knew there was no doubt in your mind he was the one, but now it could all just disappear. The next day, you woke up in a hospital bed, and despite him being asleep, Joey was holding your hand tight, as if his life depended on it. You look around, but something seemed different. You looked to the other side of your body, and noticed your shoulder was wrapped up, but your arm was missing. Tears fell down your face like waterfalls. You couldn’t wrap your mind around it. You didn’t want to believe your eyes. Joey woke up when he heard you crying softly. He knew what was wrong immediately. “I’m so sorry baby… The doctors tried everything they could, but they couldn’t save your arm….” You remained silent. “Sarah talk to me, please…” You finally spoke. “How did this happen?” Joey was silent for a second. “Joey…” you said, you voice cracking. “You were texting me while you were driving, and you were involved in a car crash. The light had turned red, but you kept driving, and the car in the other lane T-boned you, directly hitting you, and your car. Your arm was so damaged from the collision, that the doctor couldn’t repair your nerves, muscles, or your bones.” Joey said. You whispered “What am I going to do now?” Your life had been shattered into millions of pieces, breaking like glass. If only you hadn’t been on your phone while driving…. If only you had paid attention…. If only you hadn’t been texting Joey while you were driving. Texting and driving has become a serious issue all over the world. The next time you hear your phone go off while drving pull over, where it’s safe, to answer the phone, or write that text message. Never put yourself in a dangerous situation, that could potentially ruin your life.