Yellow Means Slow Down Not Speed Up

melanie m

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When talking to an average texan driver about yellow lights, most likely they’ll tell you that they pick up speed to get through the light rather than waiting an extra minute. This could potentially be dangerous! Someone could speed up so much that they end up not being able to slow down and hit the car in front of them. Or they could still be late and cross the intersection while the light turns red and then the cars perpendicular to them are affected by this person’s action. Well I have a proposition that could be used as a solution to this problem. Sometimes you might see digital signs that show you your speed limit, and you are also probably aware of the cameras on traffic lights that take pictures of cars that run red lights. Well, I believe if you combine the two this could be the solution. Radar speed signs use something called “doppler technology”, which is how the sign is able to detect a car’s speed from afar. This technology allows the sign to produce velocity data of cars from a distance. Some can detect car’s speeds from more than one thousand feet away. We could implicate this type of technology exactly sixty feet before a traffic light which is a little under the length of four cars. Then we can use either a wire or digital signal to connect the sign with a camera on a traffic light wire, the camera can snap a picture of the car and that car can be given a ticket the same way the people who run red lights get tickets from cameras. The camera can be set to take the picture for the right car at the right time with a set timing system. As for expenses, once implicated all of the technology can be solar powered, like most radar signs are. With this invention, people are less likely to speed up when they see a yellow light and if they do, then they will get ticket after ticket until they learn. This could really improve safety in intersections. This could also help with people running red lights, because if they are going the speed limit, or lower, they are more likely to slow down at a yellow light. This would be a perfect implication to roadsides and will reduce speeding and increase road safety.