Yusef W

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Focus. Focus on driving and not on your phone. Focus on your life and the others around you and not on the meaningless text message that can wait five minutes. Don’t worry about the phone call from your boyfriend or girlfriend asking how your day was. Instead just focus. Teens from the ages of 16-19 die everyday from car crashes. They are three times more likely to get in a fatal car crash than drivers above the age of 20. These phones are the reason why parents aren’t saying “I love you” to their children 1,000 more times. That text message, phone call, tweet, or new Instagram post can wait. Just think about the lives that are being lost everyday. Don’t let that be you. Don’t take someone else’s life because of your mistake. You still have so much to live for and places to see in the world. The solution to all of this is just to put your phone in the glove compartment, in your purse, or anywhere far away from you if you are just that distracted from it. If that is what it takes to prevent fatal car crashes, then that is the solution. Just please don’t become another STATISTIC. Too many lives are being lost of this. Be careful on these roads.