One choice, One life

sabina p

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To eliminate the amount of reckless and distracted driving we have to make drivers ed courses in high school a much more graphic class. When people are informed of situations they are more likely to respond to it. It sounds bad to say but no one goes out and things ” I need to focus and drive safely because not only am I putting my life at risk, I’m putting someone else’s life at risk too.” Premature awareness to a situation will not only stop future generations from driving around recklessly or distracted it will also encourage them to go home and inform their parents that certain behaviors behind the wheel is dangerous to yourself and others. Nothing is a big deal before it hits home and takes the life of a loved one and you have to first hand feel the pain of a reckless driver or a distracted driver. With more knowledge to the outcomes of these actions i believe it will not only reduce but slowly end reckless and distracted driving all together.