Stop to Care

Anna V

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Reckless/distracted driving is one of the most number one killer for teens in America. In which this age group is the most dangerous out all of the others. By this from happening anymore, you can solve reckless/distracted driving from doing the most simplest thing by being just aware from all your surroundings and just pay attention just from driving not anything else. Being more specific do not go on your phone, look at surroundings from outside of your car by the front and rear view mirror, and if you are not alone do not listen to other people in the car with you. The most thing/item that gives teenagers the most distraction during driving is phones because in their minds they think everything on their phones is important. But just remember this you are putting yourself and others at risk. Even that one second you look is one second you ruin or kill someone’s life. This is someone’s life and yours that you are responsible for do you really want to be responsible for. Just remember life is worth the experience don’t ruin it on something little. Make impact for others around the world so that you change the vision of reckless/distracted driving.