Emmanuel C

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It only takes a few seconds. You’ve worked hard at school studying to maintain grades and meet new friends. It only takes the lift of a finger. You’re homesick and miss your family. There’s news your grandparents are in town and can’t wait to see their grandchild that’s been away for school. It only takes a bit of curiosity. And so you get in the car in anticipation to see the loved ones you’ve missed. They’re waiting for you to arrive and you can’t wait to both see them and try the delicious homemade food you’ve longed for. The inexplicable taste that can only be obtained by the warm atmosphere of those around and how you can see the amount of love poured into the dishes. It only takes a quick glance. As you’re driving home you get a text and wonder if it’s your family or a friend, so you take a look at the bright screen. In the few moments it took to read the text your mind wanders and the car drifts into another lane. It only takes a second. Now your family is home wondering where their child is and the food gets cold. Don’t keep your loved ones waiting. Keep the distractions away and focus on the road.