No Texting and Driving

Emma G

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Emma Gundling Texting and driving essay 2/19/19 Texting and driving Think about this scenario… you are with your friends and everything is jolly and everybody is having a good time. You’re laughing and have no care in the world. All of a sudden, your friends boyfriend texts her, and she looks down at her phone for two seconds and then BAMMMM! She crashes straight into a car in front of her head on. Everything seems to be in slow motion. The windshield glass is going all over, and the cars are totaled and everyone is injured. The little kid in the backseat of the other car is crying and we do not know if the mom and the child are going to make it out alive. The ambulance and the cop cars show up, and the father of the kid and the wifes husband shows up crying, and wondering why this had to happen. You and your friends are severely injured and had to go to the hospital. Now wouldn’t this situation be avoided if the driver had waited to answer the message? This generation, many people seem to rely and concentrate on technology more than the roads. Some people believe that they have to answer a message right away and they can not wait until they are done driving. Texting and driving is one of the most common causes of death, especially in teens. According to edgar, “390,000 injuries occur each year from accidents caused by texting and driving.” Teens are immune to their phones, and now that snapchat is popular more accidents seem to occur. Many teens have the tendency to record themselves driving and listening to music, which causes more accidents throughout the world. Another leading cause of accidents is changing music on a phone. Many people nowadays have aux cords, and constantly are changing the music that is playing in the vehicle. Throughout my life, I’ve had my family and friends text and drive. When I was younger, I did not think it was a big deal because I saw people do it all the time. Now that I am older and have the ability to drive, I realize how dangerous and life changing texting and driving can be. One of my best friends snapchats and changes the music constantly when she is driving. I try to take the phone and ask her if I can do it for her and she usually agrees because she knows it makes me uncomfortable. I tell her all the time about how many accidents and deaths have happened that involves texting and driving, but she usually says that she can do it and has control of the car and it won’t happen to her. I tell her that the people that got into accidents also thought it wouldn’t happen to them, but it did. I told her that it only takes a half a second to collide with a car and can hurt or kill everyone. She listened and now she is on her phone less while she drives, and that made me very happy to see!