Live Good, Not Reckless

Librina F

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We make critical decisions every day, some hold more weight than others. And those involving driving hold enough power to decide whether someone’s life will end early or permanently incapacitate someone. A quick look at your phone could be a quick a quick trip to the hospital or worse to the grave. But distracted and reckless driving has effects on everyone. What do you think you crashed into? No, no. Who do you think you crashed into? It could literally be anyone and depending on the conditions, anything could happen to you or the other person. No matter how “good” of a driver you think you are, keep your eyes on the road. Keep both of your hands on the wheel. Drive sober. Do not ignore the consequences. People should enjoy every moment in life, but this does not equate to living recklessly. Is any of it really worth the heartbreak of your loved ones or the heartbreak of someone else’s? As a society, we need to avoid destroying each other and in order to do so, we need to be aware of past mistakes, consequences of our actions, and that every life matters. There are a lot of things we can not control but we can control what we do. When we consciously make the decision to drive safely, we save ourselves and every others person. Not only does it have consequences that can occur immediately but our actions will have serious effects on every person younger. When a younger person sees someone older than them actively deciding to do anything of reckless behavior or drive while distracted can enable similar behavior when they are older. If you do not see the effects now, do not doubt that they will happen later.