Thomas Huff Idea on to stop teen deaths on distracted driving

Thomas H

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How do we stop teens and reckless driving? Here let me rephrase that, how do we stop teens from texting and driving or being on social media while driving or talking on the phone while driving? Actually the clear question here is how do we stop teens from using their cell phones while driving? Everyone knows its bad and we’ve all heard the videos about someone who lost a family member because they were texting and driving. But the real thing is “ya but that will never happen to me” or “its easy to text and drive” etc. My suggestion is to go the video route. “But Thomas you just said videos are ineffective for teens”? Well, yes I did, but I think we need to show videos that involve fatal crashes in them. I mean like we need to have videos that show everything, beginning with the distracted driver, the crash and then the fatality. I say it needs to have a death because many people will not forget that. It doesn’t have to be gruesome or anything, but people need to realize that this certain person died because of one simple mistake, texting and driving etc.