Tech-Savvy, Car-Smart

Ashlyn C

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Driving. Driving directs our lives in so many ways. We travel places by driving, but does it affect more than the physical places we go? Most of use technology in one form or another when driving. Some text, some post, some call, others DRIVE. While technology has enhanced and made our lives easier in so many ways, it can also destroy our lives and the lives of those we love most. Distraction due to the influence of technology is the main cause of car crashes among teenagers. We are simply too distracted by the chime that persuades us to see what is happening in our friends’ lives and respond. The real question is: how far are we willing to go to pay the price? We have priorities to set: Is technology really so important that we are willing to sacrifice our lives for it? I think we can all agree that our lives are much more important than our messages; however, technology, particularly a smartphone, is addicting, and it can be hard to ignore the notifications we receive. On a bright note, there are some solutions that can make the urge to respond to technological devices less tempting. Some simple ways we can reduce our risk of crashing include putting electronic devices on silent, putting them out of reach, or having a passenger respond to all people you receive a message from that you are driving and will get back to them. Lives are valuable and irreplaceable, so when you get in a motor vehicle weigh the consequences of the actions you take. Don’t be afraid to put your friends on hold while you guarantee yourself a safe ride home. I urge you to take action: stop listening to technology and pay attention to your surroundings. Help save lives and prevent injuries by focusing on driving. You can be proactive by silencing devices, putting devices out of reach, and weighing the effects each choice has before it’s too late. You can be tech-savvy while choosing to be car smart. Choose to step away from technology long enough to drive safely and intelligently. Lives are at stake; technology can wait.