Ramon A

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Throughout the years we have all heard the phrase “Life is too short to waste it” and we don’t pay much attention until we see life zooming right in front our eyes. Life has a wonderful meaning that differs between souls and it is a beautiful gift humans take for granted, life is a gift that should not be wasted in a couple of seconds of fun and adrenaline or on an email or message response. On the contrary life should be spent with family and friends in a safe environment where everyone can enjoy the moment and this environment could also be in a car, listening to music and singing along enjoy eachothers company as well as talking to one another and learning about each other and catching up on each others life and sharing memories and as long as the driver is fully concentrated on the road and aware of their surroundings, life could be as fun in a car as it is anywhere else. Driving isn’t only for getting from place to place faster but also to help us live our lives better and helps us enjoy life with our loved ones instead of spending that time on the road walking or using other types of transportation. Us humans take many things for granted and just like we take life for granted we take driving for granted, driving is a privilege we receive and we should all be grateful and aware that when we drive recklessly we don’t only put our lives in danger, we put other lives in danger, lives that may be happy and lives that will one day accomplish great things and help many other souls on earth maybe even in space. About 4000 lives are lost every year to car crashes caused by reckless driving that 25% of the time involves a cell phone. Those lives could have improved our lives and made our lives more fun and there are many ways we can make sure that many of those people live and all it takes is a bit of attention on the road and not on the phone.