Could How We Look at Reckless Driving Actually Cause It?

Britni H

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Millions of people each year are killed by reckless drivers. We’ve all heard stories of friends, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, classmates and so many other that have been seriously impacted by reckless driving. Many states have laws to prevent the use of cell phones and to limit alcohol usage before driving. However, people are not always caught breaking the laws on the road. Many solutions have been proposed to fix this problem, but none have worked. For this problem, I have a solution that I know have worked overseas. In Great Britain, advertisements are broadcasted on the television that show the dangers of driving under the influence, texting and driving, and driving while riding a seatbelt. These are incredibly convincing because they show real-life events such as death and major injury. They tell the stories of survivors whose lives have been changed by horrific accidents. Another solution to this problem would be to address reckless driving as a public health risk and not as a law violation. This has worked in other countries with other issues such as opioid addiction and drug use. If we were to stop treating reckless driving as a crime and more of a major health issue. By recognizing these scenarios as health problems, we could greatly reduce deaths in car accidents. I am not saying that drivers that text or are intoxicated behind the wheel should not be punished by law. These people should be punished the same as they are now when reckless driving is treated as a law violation. In order to prevent the millions of deaths caused by traffic accidents each year, we should enact new solutions to this growing problem. By reducing the number of deaths in these horrific situations, we could create a safer country to live in.