The Epidemic All Teenagers Are Facing

Madison H

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Living in an increasing “on the go” culture, everything is at one’s disposal: technology, information, and transportation. Regardless of our improved accessibility to informative resources, there still remains a large gap in information available versus information received. In a country with one of the lowest legal driving ages, the United States has a responsibility to take advantage of teenager’s young and impressionable minds by enforcing more driving education. There are some extreme and creative solutions to discouraging teen driving collisions such as raising the driving age, increasing the amount of time it takes one to receive a license, or utilizing apps that report the safety of teenagers. However, I think the answer is simple: education. More simply said than done, certainly, nonetheless I believe with increased exposure to the dangerous driving habits that many teenagers have grown desensitized to, such as phone usage while behind the wheel and the lack of wearing a seat belt, the consequences can be highlighted in an educational way that will make teens think twice before operating a vehicle. Teaching high school students the importance of sharing the road, sobriety whilst driving, and proper safety for oneself and others should be enforced in local communities like schools, youth groups, or other organizations. Because whether or not we want to face it, an individual is not going to get all the information he/she needs from a six month drivers ed course once obtaining a permit. More consistent dispersing of this information and promotion of safety should not be limited to a Saturday class or a random three minute video shown in one health class. I’m sure that there are a million quirky tips and tricks on promoting safe drivers, however at the root of the real issue in teenage driver safety is the lack of the continuity of driver’s education and accessibility to this information.