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Mary T

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Teenagers don’t truly understand the dangers of distracted driving until it affects them. I honestly can say that this was the case for me when I was involved in my car accident. The moment that I looked back up from my steering wheel, I felt my heart stop and time slow for a second until I crashed directly into the telephone pole. That same day, I thought to myself, “I feel like I have become comfortable with driving.” Before my accident, I remember hearing about the accidents of my classmates and thinking that I would never become them. I thought that I would be smarter, safer. I started out as a cautious driver, aware of everything that was happening around me. However, I started to get too comfortable with everything that was happening in my car, and I even started to let myself get distracted. I am thankful that my accident only involved myself. I don’t think I could have ever lived with myself if I knew that my recklessness caused someone else harm. The message that I want this passage to send across to all teen drivers is that no matter how comfortable you may feel, becoming distracted in the car while driving could not only cost you your own life, but also someone else’s. I was lucky to walk away from a car that should have killed me. Some people are not as lucky as I am. My story should serve as a lesson for others, and hopefully it will impact someone’s life for the better.