Just Drive

Alexander E

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A friend can recover from the “pain” of not receiving that text, but a family cannot recover from the loss of a son. The loss of a daughter. The loss of a sibling. The loss of a friend. It may be shocking to some, but your life won’t end if you aren’t on your phone for 10 minutes. However, another life may end if you are. There is a solution however. Put your phone down, keep your hands on the wheel, keep your eyes on the road, and just drive. It is easy to understand why the text gets sent. It is easy to understand why eyes drift. But it is not easy to understand how with 4,000 teenagers dying every year from distracted driving, that people still allow it to continue. Do your part in shrinking that statistic by waiting 10 minutes to check the “ding”, or going to sleep 10 minutes earlier to keep your mind sharp. Let the song play instead of looking down to change it. Let a passenger control the directions, or let a good friend of mine named Siri say it to you without you looking. The solution is simple and it may just save someone’s life, including yours. This lesson not only applies to the driver. The result of calling “shotgun” is not only that you get more leg room, but results in the increased responsibility of keeping everyone safe if the driver fails to do so. Stand up for yourself. Take charge of your own life. It is not difficult to say “hey i’d be more comfortable if you sent that text later” or “hey I can be in charge of the music and directions”. Tell them to just drive. As a passenger it is your obligation to keep the rest of the world safe on the road. Do not allow the driver to risk the safety of others. In a world with more distractions and more dangers than ever before; be the one to save a life, and be the one to just drive.