Easy as Pie

Jayvon H

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We are all aware of the dangers of texting and driving, but still we play on our phones while we drive. I constantly ask myself and my friends who do this “Is driving really that boring ?”. They might respond with yes or some other lame excuse like I was picking a song or I was texting back a concern parent or relative and that’s fine but you do know they can wait and that song well it can just shuffle. We as people grow so attach to our phones to the point we just refuse to put them down. So I recommend this we all hate driving/ being alone so when we have another person in the car with us we give them our phones this way if we do get a text or want to play a song you have someone doing that for you, while your focusing on the road. Can’t find someone to ride with you well put your phone in the glove box or middle console give yourself 10-20 minutes of free time from your phone. Dedicate your car ride to only driving (I KNOW CRAZY RIGHT). Eventually we need to address a bigger issues and that’s too much screen-time (Amount of time spent on phones) so by us just starting to put the phone down in the car we could build on that by putting our cellular devices down while we’re eating or outside doing something active just departing from our electronics for 30-45 minutes each day can go a long way for ourselves and society.