Is it worth it?

Emma D

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Is it worth it…that one single text, that one single snap, the changing of a song? Is it worth risking your life for? Are they THAT important for you to send one text, to risk your life to answer them? Is it worth risking everyone else’s life for your own “social life”? Maybe if I would’ve put my phone down and payed attention to the road we wouldn’t be here we wouldn’t be in an ambulance racing down the highway on our way to the hospital. Maybe if I wouldn’t have been distracted we would still be heading to the movies to catch the new avengers movie. Maybe we wouldn’t be fighting for our lives all because of one text. How can one text cause this much damage. How can one snap take away what you love? How??? Distracted driving was a key factor in 58% of crashes involving drivers ages 16 to 19. In 2017, distracted driving was reported in crashes that killed 3,166 people. According to statistics 43% of drivers say they want to connect with friends, family and work, 30% say they text and drive out of habit, 28% say they’re afraid of missing something important, 27% say they felt others expected them to answer their phones right away. So I ask again is it worth risking everything for one text?