Do You Care?

Leah D

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Do You Care? Did you even care to think about others? Reckless driving can hurt anyone. It’s simple. One phone call, one text, one second of joking around in the car with your friends can take a life. To the mother, father, sister, brother, friend, or neighbor someone has lost because someone was reckless, I’m sorry. Sure sending a quick text may seem like nothing, but to someone else it’s their life or even yours. Answering a call while driving may be convenient for you, but someone else is grieving because of it. Driving fast with your buddies sounds like a blast, but it sounds like “Amazing Grace” to another. The thought of sitting in the driver’s seat while intoxicated is on another level of reckless. I am almost positive someone knows a person who died because of a drunk driver, I have. I would have been able to have meet my grandmother had someone not been reckless enough to kill her in a crash. Reckless driving only causes grief, and no one likes to be sad. Think about it this way, what if that was your mom, dad, sister, or brother, how would you feel? Next time you get in a car to drive, think to yourself am I focused and sober? Is my phone going to distract me? If so turn it off. What can you do to prevent reckless driving as a driver yourself? These changes are so small and you can answer your phone calls later or pull over. You can call an uber or a friend if you are drunk, it is as simple as that. Being reckless is not a lifestyle for you or anyone.