How Can We Reck The Amount Of Reckless Drivers?

Carolina R

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Approximately three million people are injured or killed because of car accidents in the United States. Of the three million people in the accidents, about two million of them suffer from permanent damage. Over nearly four hundred thousand of those accidents are caused by drivers who are texting and driving simultaneously. Why exactly do people text and drive if we all already know the dangers of driving? We are informed of it as we grow up, yet none of have actually learned from it. Every driver has texted or have been on there phone while driving at one point. Even with a law in place saying that we are not prohibited from texting and driving does not change anyones habit. Personally, I have seen many people text while driving, while police were around, but I have never seen them do anything about it. Even though drivers who text and drive should change their habits, I also believe that police should be stricter on enforcing the rule. If people start to see that people are being fined for texting and driver, the amount of drivers who text will decrease. Drivers believe they are experienced enough to text and drive up until the point to where they have harmed others, That should not be the case. We are already aware of the consequences, so drivers should be smarter when their hands are on the wheel. Police should start being stricter on drivers who are texting because this will cause a domino affect on everyone’s driving habits. If drivers become more aware of themselves and their surroundings on the streets, the less accidents or deaths will happens because of reckless drivers.