Drive Safe For Me

Giselle O



This song exemplifies the consequences of getting into a collision due to distracted driving. It is a story that begins with a mother telling her child not to be out for too long. Whenever someone leaves, you always expect to see them when they get back home. In this story, the mother’s child never had the chance to come back home because they were using their phone while driving. It shows how a phone, a very small device, has the power to cause catastrophic consequences. So a simple reminder would be to drive safe “every time you grab those keys.” Sometimes people will use their phones while driving because the last thing that’s on their mind is the possibility of them getting into a serious collision. Not only will they be hurting themselves, but they will also be harming the people in the other vehicle, or the passenger(s) within their own vehicle. The last two lines use the pronoun “we” to remind drivers that there isn’t just one person they have to drive safe for. There are multiple people who care, and multiple people who want to see their loved one again. Missing a call, or not answering a text the moment you receive it, is much better than missing out on your future. It is much better than leaving an empty hole inside the hearts of the people who love you most. (credits: every element within this song was produced by me) Lyrics: “don’t go too long” mama said but did she know, did she know that her whole world would soon be gone that same night and you didn’t know that you wouldn’t come back home come back home because you were so distracted by the phone in your hand just remember to drive safe for me every time you grab those keys drive safe for me I wanna see you again don’t you know we love you so? and we’ll miss you if you go