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Regan H

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You have a choice to send that text and lose control and have a higher chance to lose your life or you can choose to put the phone on mute until you get to your destination and live. You could be one of the 4,000 teens who loses their life each year. You are too smart to make a choice that could take your life from you in a split second, all because of one notification. About 11 teens die in collisions every day, do you want to be another statistic or do you want to be one that can still breathe, walk, and say that you didn’t make that choice to open the phone. When you get distracted while driving the chance of taking someone else’s life heightens. Living while knowing that you took someone else life because of a split-second decision would be unbearable. Imagine all the families that have been in this awful situation where they lose a child or a loved one due to distracted driving. How would you feel if that was your brother, sister, mother, father, or another loved one? The following two strategies/solutions are suggested to help drivers not to become distracted: First, put the phone on the floor of the back seat of your vehicle and turn it off. This way you will not hear any ringtones or notifications. Secondly, before you enter your vehicle, put your belongings including your phone in the trunk of the vehicle. This way it will be out of reach out of reach, out of sound, out of your sight. Using the two examples will definitely keep you safe, secure, and alive.