Lack of Education on Reckless Driving

Markkeetta S

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Reckless driving isn’t only drinking and driving. But reckless driving can steam from texting, to having to many passengers and under the influence of any type of drug or alcohol. Many people think that driving under the influence of marijuana isn’t a big issues but that’s besides the fact and many teenagers do drive under the influence of marijuana and since it’s an illegal substance in many states they’re not educated on the topic of smoking and the getting behind the wheel. Everyone knows the saying “drinking and driving is dangerous” but that’s the only driving hazard that teens are taught in school. Some might be educated by a doctor about certain medications that you shouldn’t take before driving but that’s it. Reckless driving isn’t something that’s taught in school and is something the is briefly covered in a class like human growth which can be opted out of and then many teens won’t have that little education about reckless driving and the dangers of being under the influence.