A Mother of One

Katelynn B

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I’m A Mother of One. I waited for my son to come home for hours. He was only supposed to go out and get flowers. I’m A Mother of One. Morning came and I began to worry more and more. I got a knock on the door, a type of banging I’ve never heard before. Your son has passed, he’s been in a crash, distracted driving has taken your son from your grasp. I cried and I cried for nights on end. The woman who hit my son was distracted, She will never understand the pains she transacted, My son was my life, my honor, my legacy, But with one fatal blow he was gone, accidentally. But do you reckon he knew it was the end when you came from behind him, And smashed up beside him, And kept driving by him? When you’re driving on the street, Don’t be distracted, Because when you crash you can never ever, Ever know what happens. There are other people present driving beside you, They have families too, and without them they would be blue. I’m A Mother of One, and that one life is done, But when you are driving on the road, Realize you aren’t the only one. Sincerely, A Mother of One