Karla D


Gazing through my rear view mirror, I️ see a driver on my left-hand side She turns up her radio to hear clearer “It happens too often. We do not abide by distracted driving.” Certain no one will see her, she ignores the phrase and continues her ride Those large, brown eyes opened wide as a glance at her phone turned her world into a blur The windows cracked after the car began to slide “I’m fine… I’ll be fine,” she lied to the officer. All the words she said were slurred “Stay here kid and stand aside” The other driver was thrown onto the curbside He thought, “This was avoidable, why’d it occur?” Words between sobs was all that he replied Like a river, the tears she cried flowed quickly. Shaken and stirred, the young girl walked away without pride


Drivers nowadays have various distractions that could potentially lead them to get into crashes. Whether it’s a smart device, different substances, the radio, or even having other passengers in your vehicle, they can all make a driver leave their main focus, which is to get to their destination without harming themselves and/or others. In this poem, I delve into describing what seems to be an innocent gesture that changes into a life-changing event. The perspective of the narrator can make it seem as if the reader is viewing this scene themselves-they’re able to follow along by using imagery (they can picture what this might have looked like). One of the more significant points that I wanted to get across was that those who drive with distractions are being selfish in the way that they’re not thinking about what could happen to other people. For example, when people look at their phone, the consequences that that could lead to does not pop into their minds. We have to be more mindful when we’re conducting any type a vehicle because the worst possible thing that could happen is taking the life of an innocent person.