Is it Worth it?

Katelyn R

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Around the age of 16 years old, many teenagers are learning how to drive and get their first car. It can be a very exciting time in their life, but it is also the time where they start being and having more responsibilities. Teenagers think they are invincible and nothing is going to happen to them because they know what they are doing. I know this because that is how I used to think. Texting is the first one that everyone thinks about because sadly now it this day in age, everyone is on their phone no matter when or where they are at. Teenagers are most likely to be on their phone while driving. That one text can wait, if not, then pull over. Do not risk your life or others by one simple text. We understand that texting plays a huge role but around this age teenagers are going to parties and they are drinking or being under the influence of other substances. Although the numbers of drinking and driving are lower than texting, it still exist. It all comes down to the teenager knowing their responsibilities and if they do not go by them, there taking huge risks for everyone around them and themselves. Distracted driving also can occur when a teenager is messing with the radio or day dreaming about something while driving. They are not paying attention to what is in front of them and instead are too busy worrying about what song is playing. Is it really worth it? Is that text, drink, or song worth taking an innocent life or even you going to jail?