Driving Reckless will leave you breathless

Wilson C

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Driving recklessly can be for multiple reasons but the most common tend to be texting while driving or being UTI (under the influence). Even with all the commercials and ads about texting driving people still continue to do, and we ask our selves why. Arguably the leading cause of reckless driving come from texting (use of a phone while driving) and driving. Now many ads on television will tell you not too, but the driver needs to be informed while driving not while they are on their couch. By adding more signs around roads that tell the driver not to text and drive or drink and drive. it will bring more awareness. For example, anyone who sells goods or services knows the best way to reach an audience is by their advertisements and the more ads the more people are going to think of their product. Now if we were to advertise reckless driving as much as McDonalds “4 for 4” then hypothetically we would have fewer accidents due to texting and driving. Another leading cause in accidents is driving UTI. Just like texting and driving advertisements are made to put a stop to driving UTI, but if the driver is already mentally impaired due to alcohol what makes you think they’re going to choose the right choice of not driving. I believe the only effective way to end this is by manufacturing all cars with breathalizers. When your BAC (blood alcohol content) is at or higher 0.08% you are considered legally impaired. When the driver first gets in the car they should first use the breathalyzer and if their blood alcohol level is at 0.07% or higher it should set off an alarm to the driver permitting them not to drive. In case the driver was to still begin driving it should alert the nearest police station and track where the driver currently is. Reckless driving may never truly come to an end but we can still lessen the rate in which it occurs. Reckless driving impacted my life in such a substantial way and nobody should have to lose a loved one or see them go suffer especially due to someone else’s mistakes. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to apply for this scholarship.